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    What to Consider When Choosing Composite Decking

    Composite decking is an incredibly modern and effective alternative to traditional wooden materials. A growing number of customers are therefore choosing this unique option for several reasons. Composite decks are virtually free from all regular forms of maintenance while their colours will not fade over time. Additionally, the materials are both lightweight and strong. Splinters and warping are no longer real concerns and finally, composite decks are an environmentally friendly option for the home. Nonetheless there are several reputable composite decking suppliers out there each with their own range, meaning there are a few variables to consider when selecting the type of deck that is the most appropriate. Let’s have a quick look at a handful of the most common.

    Planning and Budgetary Concerns

    Due to the sheer longevity and ease of maintenance, composites can cost slightly higher than most woods. This should first be taken into account. Most planks are offered in sizes that range from 3.65 to 6 metres. Of course, any excess materials may eventually go to waste. It is important to provide the exact measurements of the intended deck to the supplier. Therefore, you will be using only what you pay for. Finally, make sure that you have allocated a certain amount of funds for accessories such as end caps, railings and fasteners.


    Choosing a composite deck with a texture is an effective way to simulate the natural grain of a certain style of wood. Thankfully, there are a number of unique and realistic patterns to choose from. We should also keep in mind that these engineered textures are ideally suited for areas that are prone to be wet frequently (such as next to a pool). Opting for materials with added texture can help to reduce the chances of an accident. If you have small children or pets, such an addition can be a welcome advantage.


    As we briefly mentioned in the first paragraph, modern composite decks come in a wide variety of colours and hues. You will be able to seamlessly integrate these materials into the existing ambiance of your garden. Still, one concern can be seen with decks that receive a great deal of sunshine. Darker tones will naturally absorb more heat. It may therefore be wise to choose lighter hues in order to minimise the chances of the entire deck becoming too uncomfortable during the summer months.

    Hidden Fasteners?

    There can be times that you wish to enjoy a seamless appearance with the help of hidden fasteners. These items are tucked neatly underneath the decking and will provide a uniform appeal. However, the decking material associated with this option tends to be hollow. It is critical that you purchase end caps so that no dirt, debris or animals enter into the planks.

    These are some of the main concerns to address when considering a composite deck. Offering years of maintenance-free pleasure and available in an amazing array of colours, composite decks are indeed worth a closer look. Planning ahead and keeping these factors in mind will save you time, money and a significant amount of confusion.