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    Company Assists Families With Home Ownership

    As the stock exchange remains bearish and portfolios continue to make only minor gains, the need for houses has actually never ever been higher.

    It is with this economic pattern that more individuals are deciding to invest in among the most long-lasting forms of equity: real estate.

    According to the 2000 census, there are more than 35 million families who rent.

    Specialists say that while lots of families are interested in home ownership, new home construction or pre built is a major barrier they deal with is the down payment.

    Enclaves Group Inc., a spin-off of N.Y.-based property corporation Homes For America Holdings Inc., has created a “lease and own” program called Your Home, which the business developed to make it possible for tenants to enter the property owner market.

    ” The Your Home Program is easy to comprehend and accessible to all Americans,” stated Mark MacFarlane, chief running officer of Enclaves Group. “This imaginative program has no deposit and offers a structured purchase plan that creates home ownership equity for the working household.”

    MacFarlane noted that while the need for real estate has actually stimulated the building of brand-new houses, standard financing techniques have actually not expanded to accommodate the requirements of many regular families.

    Without any deposit needed, the capability to collect “Good Resident Credits” and construct considerable equity over a duration of 36 months, MacFarlane states the program taps into a market that to this day has actually received little or no attention: working families from all walks of life and varied backgrounds who have not had the ability to overcome the obstacles to home ownership.

    ” Enclaves is the very first and only home contractor to target this unserved market,” stated Robert MacFarlane, chairman and president of Home For America Holdings. “It’s a basic procedure – what many households are currently paying in lease can now immediately look for equity for their own piece of the American dream.”