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    Growing Up To Responsibilities

    Growing up… is it fun? Or is it not really all that fun? When you are younger you may daydream about being your own boss, making your own rules or simply living with no rules at all. You wish you could drive a car, go where you want to go and do what you want to do. That is what you think growing up and being an adult is all about. Well, guess again. Being an adult is about being responsible and taking care of life’s things that need to be taken care of. What do you think about that? Isn’t that a more accurate picture of what being an adult is like? You get to go to work and pay bills. Yes there is time for fun as well, but there sure is a lot more responsibility when it comes to taking care of your life. If you have children then well, there you go, you are now in charge of their lives and making sure they are fed and nurtured.

    When life just seems to happen to you, some folks like to say things happen in threes. Do you find this true for yourself? When it rains it pours, kind of saying as well. So when the dishwasher is malfunctioning, the clothes dryer makes a new sound that doesn’t seem right, and you come down with a cold from your kids, this might just be how life goes for you. Hopefully that is not the case! Things do not always go as planned though, so that is something to think about without a doubt. Life will be full of water heaters going out when company is staying with you. The oven will malfunction the day before Thanksgiving. If you need an appliance repair in Cameron Park CA you do not have to look far to get the help you need. Other things can happen as well, like it will rain on your birthday. (Hey maybe you like rain so if it rains on your birthday you are actually happy about it!)

    Life will never stop throwing you curve balls. For when life happens, be prepared as best as you can. Do not let the stress get to you either. Breathe, stay calm, and move forward with thoughtfulness and determination. This will set you on a good path to be on and hopefully it will not affect your health quite as much in the process.